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He/Him 20+ ☆ Self-Taught Digital Artist ☆ variety pack of interests

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  • No requests/art trades

  • Please give credit for any art used for icons, headers, banners.

  • Reposting/redistributing on other sites or selling as an N/FT or use in A/I is prohibited.

  • Apologies if I don't reply right away, I often forget to reply!

  • Tools used: Huion HS610 tablet, Clip Studio Paint pro (ver 1.x)

Q. What tablet do you use?
A: I use a Huion HS610.
I used this Wacom intuos small pen in the past (pictured).

this one

Q. What softwares do you use?
A: Clip Studio Paint (Pro, Version 1), Blender, and Aseprite.
Q. Do you: have a store?/take commisions?/do requests?
A: No
Q. Can I use your art as my Icon/Header/Banner?
A: Yes, just as long as you credit me in your bio, again, i'll add this here as well: don't turn it into an N/FT, or put it in a A/I image program.
Q. Why are you obsessed with Dr. Stewart from F-Zero?

The Simpsons 'I just think they're neat' meme image but its edited to Marge Simpson saying "I just think he's neat." and a screenshot of Dr. Stewart's ending from F-Zero GX is edited over the potato.

Didn't want links to my nsfw alts on the front page so here's all the linksdon't go to these if you're under 18 years old